First ever. 

IMG_20170406_165032_693It’s actually been years since I am planning to put up a blog but I don’t know, maybe le mind is busy around things (or I might say stubborn) to consider creating one. But nevertheless, I’m actually very ecstatic while doing this! This is it pancit!

Might share to you that today, it’s my day off. I should be sleeping right now but here I am typing my first ever post but it’s worth all the headache. My current mood: well playing Ed Sheeran’s Supermarket Flowers right now which basically sums up the idea that I am indeed emotional right now and I think I’m forever will. Sometimes I don’t get it but recently, I remind myself not to feel sorry for things that doesn’t go along the way. You know like forgiving myself because sometimes I forget to even considering the idea of it. I admit that the hardest person to love is none other than myself but I know that I, myself, is the sole responsible for creating such unending happiness. Which I’m currently finding how.
But yes, I should be sleeping right now and when I awake,  I have a tons of ideas to share here. This is really exciting! Can’t wait.


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