To my Future. 


Hey, how are you there? Our minds met again. I remember you again and I wonder what you’re doing right now. It’s been years since I’m waiting here, for you. And all those years I wonder how our worlds would meet because frankly speaking I become such an impatient soul. You know there are days that I just give up that I will meet you, then there are random encounters of people that will remind me of you. As if I really know you. Yeah I know I’m such a weird, hopeless romantic lady who happens to be in love with the idea that you exist, in this chaotic world. But why do I have hopes that we are the same? That we ached and bleed for things and feels that life should be deeply appreciated. Playing Beauty and the Beast right now and I hope that someday, we will dance to the rhythm of this wonderful song. I know someday, our love will not be the romantic, perfect kind of love but I believe that our love will be the purest of all. Nothing and no one will ever question that. Maybe that’s also the reason why Jehovah take us too long to meet, because He assure us that when we will meet, we will be matured enough to conquer all life’s challenges, no matter how hard it is. He is preparing both of us and all things will just fall into places. It again reminded me of his perfect and unfailing timing. As usual, I’ll be waiting for you, always and forever, add infinity to prove that I can wait for you, in this lifetime. Hopes and miracles.

—- But doing things while waiting,

Is something worth pursuing.

Goal setting and dream catching

Is nothing but a life worth living.


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