​You’re gonna live forever in me. 

Such a beautiful song by John Mayer. There’s that melancholic feeling in the song and you can feel the pain that the singer is experiencing. It’s actually a beautiful kind of pain.

In our lives, there are certain people who will forever remain in our hearts, though we will never be with them anymore. They share our souls, from the jokes that only them understand, from accepting your weirdness to sharing your favorite songs with. They’re just beautiful reminders that life has so much more to offer than we already know. They will always be there even though distance will be the beautiful obstacle. I remembered the moment when I am united with my working buddies there in Pampanga. I know and they know that nothing will ever changed. Like it feels like it was just yesterday that we have our own little, funny, spontaneous chitchats. And guess what happened? It’s the same as before and I couldn’t be more happier. I feel home when I’m with them. It’s just nice to have that kind of feeling towards people. No pretentions, no boastfulness, just pure love and genuineness. The conversations are spontaneous that you’re not aware that hours flies so fast and you wish that time has an extension of its own just so you can spend more time with these beautiful people. Add to the conversations are samgyeopsal and ramen, which I think are highlights of our friendship in Angeles. When I’m in my weakest, I just reminisce those times that I had with them, those random moments that made me realized that they’re one of precious gifts from God. And it makes me smile, no matter what mood I’m in. They’re my kind of silver lining. I think wherever I go, what places I would be visiting someday, I will and always crave for friendship like that. Because friendship like that is soooo rare to find in this lifetime.

And so I’ll carry those memories as long as I lived.

Friendship I miss,

And now I reminisce,

Those little things,

That makes me feel

Something deep within.

Foods and chitchats,

Weird laughs

Sensible conversations,

Can I just go back?

To where I am before.

To where they’re are.

To experience it all just once.

Smoking samgyeopsal

While we laugh

At things that makes us feel alive

Take me back

Oh please!

To where genuineness

Is real as it may seem.


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