Here’s to you.

Here’s to you who always feel too much. Here’s to you for giving so much to others than yourself. I know it can get hard sometimes and you feel like no one’s there for you. But you have to remember that you are appreciated, you are worthy, you are loved. The world is such a scary place to live in but I assure you that amidst of all the darkness, there’s still light that will remind you of how close you’re at home. Please be gentle with yourself knowing that you have so much more to offer in this world, more than you could ever imagine. Promise me that starting from now, you’ll live a life you always wanted to have. But what if you don’t know that part of you? What if you’re still a wandering lost soul all this time? My advice is this: don’t stop. Don’t stop until you figure out what you really wanted in life. Don’t stop until you could feel that little pumping heart of yours come to life everyday, in other words, until you find your own kind of genuine happiness. When I say your own kind of genuine happiness, I say finding your happiness deep within you, not that of finding a significant other just to ‘complete’ your life. No one’s gonna complete you until you’re whole yourself. That’s a gentle and realistic reminder.


And again.

Here’s to you, for feeling not good enough most of the time. Here’s to you, who have more bad things to enumerate to yourself than of the good things you possess. Here’s to you, for keeping your struggles within in yourself for the reason that you’re scared to be judged or misinterpreted. And also for the reason that you’re afraid that you could be a burden for others. Here’s to you, for being weird and awkward, for being the total opposite of what normal people should be. Here’s my take: don’t stop being one and continue being the quirky, weird, introverted kid. That will set you from anybody else and the people who will understand you for who you are, for getting you as you, keep them. Keep them close to your heart because these are the people who will remind you of how beautiful and capable you are, no matter what definitions you put in yourself.

Here’s to you, who can’t express herself wholly to everyone, and keeps her thoughts in the back corner of every notebooks, in notepads of your very own mobile phones, and in this modern letter writing that is called blogging.

Keep doing this, I say to myself, knowing that years from now, you will be reminded of how wonderful and beautiful your mind is, and so does your soul.

(And it might be read by your daughter someday, if ever you’ll get marry and bear children of course)


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