Sparks 1/2

Been playing this song for about an hour already that makes me realized that I need to write what I feel with this particular song. I think I have so many favorite songs of Coldplay that I think it safe to considered myself as a real fan, already. I’m really crazy with this band that I’m dreaming of attending their concert someday *crossed fingers*.

My sentiments.

I love how the song can make you feel something, even if you’re not inlove. It makes you want to experience it too. I am wishing that someday, I will have someone who share my sentiments and love for Coldplay, in short, I hope he’s a Coldplay fan too *winks*. And I hope he feels the same ‘sparks’ I feel towards Coldplay, of feelings of nostalgia, melancholy, contenment, genuine happiness.  I think you can consider a song beautiful when it can make you cry, make your heart crush a little and inspires you.

Sparks for me also has other meanings. Like the little, everyday things that happens to us. Like seeing beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Like waking up early and feeling positive while you sip your very own morning coffee. Like when someone does something for you even if you didn’t ask for it. Those little kindness and compliments that you didn’t expect to received.  Like hugging your mother with no apparent reason at all. Like eating something that makes your stomach the happiest. Like writing letters to someone and knowing that they appreciate it. Like long drives with music in your eyes that makes you realized how beautiful life is. That life has so many ‘sparks’ that sometimes we overlooked and forget it’s there. So it’s a reminder for us to appreciate that life is compose of these little, unnoticeable sparks that makes our heart shines.

In the end, we are what we are because we are made up of these little sparks. And oh thank you Coldplay for giving me inspiration to appreciate life more. Because of you, ‘I saw sparks.’


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