Lost in transition
Lost in words
Lost in everything
And in between.

It didn’t ocurred to me
That Saturday is different from Tuesday
For everyday living
Is the same as yesterday.

Can I just go back to where I am
Before consciousness have found me
Childhood that I am always fond of
Memories of happiness is all I can think of.

Watching over the car’s window
I want to put my hands carefree
And feel the breeze
And oh how life past through me.

I don’t know what I want
Wondering where I would go
Will I find my place?
My happy home?

Will I find you?
And would you feel the things that I feel?
And if I did found you
Can I consider you a home?

But I hope the answer to that
Is nothing but a sure ‘yes’
Cause there’s so much uncertainties
In this world full of adversities.


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