Grow, they would say

To where you are

To where you want to be

To a place you can be free.

Grow and go to the direction

Where your heart is safe

Where your heart is in her happy place

Where it may rest, where it can be her very best.

Grow, find something

Discover, not everything but anything

That will make the missing pieces

Eventually and gradually whole, finally. 

Grow, make things happen

Don’t just sit there

And think what will happen next

That can someday be your version of happiness.

You see growing

Is not just a one day process

It’s a combination of beautiful and not so good things

That eventually will change your whole being.

Grow, I say once again

But please don’t forget the inner child in you 

That someday you’ll wake up,

Not appreciating even the morning dew.

Grow, that you may learn

To love yourself

To prioritize your goals

Which will eventually bring you endless joy.


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