I can hear

The sound of your laugh

The way you make me feel so right

That I want to hug you tight

I can feel

The love that you give

Everytime I am unable to breath

And you keep me in your grip

I can see

The way your eyes

Lighten up

Over something that gives you life

I can smell

The fragrance you’ll put in

That will remind me

That I am already home

I can hear

The nostalgic and old songs

That will soon be ours

That we will both fall in love with

I can sense

Your vulnerability

Behind your manly feautures

That I can see the whole picture

I can sense again

That pretty soon

We’ll meet

And everything will be infinite

You see

This girl here

Is nothing but a hopeless romantic

And how she hate and love it 

And in this crucial times

I hope you sense that

There’s just one here

Waiting to be seen 

And I will allow

This imagination to last

Until the day

I will say my first hi, not goodbye 
P.S.: I miss you already even though I didn’t met you, yet. 


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