Coldplay’s Yellow

I first heard this song in someone’s car back in 2013 and it automatically became one of my many favorite songs.

I don’t know why this song is really nostalgic and somehow so close to my heart. Maybe I do know the answer why I love it so much but I’m just hesitate to admit that it’s actually because of a particular person.

Well, the story behind that is yes, we both heard it playing in the radio and I heard history of our conversation like, ‘The song is so beautiful, right?’ And all I could reply is, ‘yes it is indeed beautiful’. Yeah. That’s still echoes inside of me. It’s weird that I find that moment magical and nostalgic at the same time but maybe because we both shared the instant love for that beautiful song.

It had been years since I saw him and I’m actually afraid of seeing him again because I’m afraid that my feelings I have for him will go back. Which I don’t want to feel again, not because he’s not worth it (he’s such a good person) but because circumstances won’t permit us. The reason why I’m writing this because I remembered the feeling of it, I remembered having someone close to being a ‘best friend’. It’s actually my dream to have a guy best friend and I considered him one. Considered. Past tense. Well because I saw in him someone who cares so much and someone who’s so appreciative, so much like my real best friend. And he’s just a natural sensitive and a really kind hearted soul (which make him my kind of an ideal guy). Not to mention that he’s such a gentleman and a good, good listener. And you know that someone who can you just share all your secrets with, comfortably.  Someone you could be with on long drives with nostalgic music. He’s like that.

It’s so rare to find someone who loves the feeling of sipping coffee while listening to the sound of the rain. Rare to find a guy who appreciate songs like, ‘Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know’, ‘Dust in the Wind’ and ‘All the Love in the World’. Rare to find someone who appreciates Meteor Garden and Boys over Flowers. It’s rare to find someone who is happy just eating Spaghetti.

And it’s rare for me to feel that way over someone and it does make me think that he became a special part of me. That’s also the reason why I memorized all the little details about him. He’s so close to being my home. My kind of a ‘nostalgia’ guy. My kind of person.

I’m happy I’ve met you and you may never know my feelings I have for you before but at least it made me feel something. I’ll never forget you and how you made me feel.  And it will be difficult for me to find someone like you, because it will never be you.

P.S.: This is my first time confessing about this kind of stuffs and it actually feels good telling this. And you can imagine me playing all over the song ‘Yellow’ while writing this post. What a feeling.

And you could really tell how someone became a special part of you because when you heard a particular song, your brain automatically remembered and tells you, ‘oh, it’s him, right?’. And all you can say is, ‘yes’.

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, in everything that you do. 


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