50373F12-BAB9-4D45-B8E2-1E731D13341DHey ya!

So you happen to read this that I guess you’re somehow interested or curious about who’s beyond this blog.

Let me start by introducing my name. Jannin. Nothing special, right? So now you have the choice to leave this page and look for blogs that are more appealing and interesting.

But if you happen to have the patience to read it ‘til the end, I’m introducing myself again.

So how do I start?

There’s nothing really interesting in me, other than I am much of a pessimist who doesn’t always believe in my capabilities. So I do believe that creating a personal blog will somehow lessen or I mean trace the things that I want to change in this stubborn heart of mine. So please bear with me (if ever you come across the decision of following me, which I am thankful in advance)

And although I am a pessimist, I have this dream of wanting to inspire other people. I believe that makes me a dreamer. I want to write things that inspires me with the aim of reaching the hearts of human beings, who struggles with the same kind of pain, everyday. I love art so much, that which includes random drawings, fake calligraphy, playing ukulele, writing poems and writing this.

I don’t want to say that I have all the answers to life’s big questions but I do believe creating a blog can at lease be close to the idea of that.

I am still growing everyday and so basically the content of this blog is nothing but my adventures and misadventures in life. You may see post of mine about being positive and then sooner or later, it will be about my negativeness. And then it will be positive again. Life’s a cycle and so does our emotions. And so does my life, so does my emotions. It will all be random. It’s not much of a blog because I just jotted things that appeals to me, most of the times. Mostly my thoughts on everything under the sun.

So you’re in the end already and I have nothing much to say, but I’ll leave you with this, ‘you’re valuable, you’re worthy to be loved, you’re more than your fears and pains. So hold on beautiful soul, you’re appreciated. 🌿