Everything heals.

Every cells in our body are design to help us heal, for us to recover from whatever wound or pain we are experiencing right now and will be experiencing in the near future. The white blood cells, one of the most vital composition of blood, are like soldiers who are always on the go when infection or open wound happens. They’re called the first line of defense. Just a little bit of science, lol. Well, I just realized in that little chemistry how important we are to God because he’ll do whatever it takes for us to get away from whatever pain we are experiencing. And I still don’t get it up to now why people still blame God when something bad happens to them. Especially if it’s beyond their control. Nevertheless, it feels good to know that there’s God who’s ready enough to accept our flaws and who will always ready enough to heal us. Everytime. I repeat, everytime and everyday. It’s a secured assurance that he’ll literally catch us everytime we fall. I always love the idea of that. 

What I want to point out is that all of us will experience pain. Every sort of pain. Physically, emotionally, mentally. We’ll go through all that phases of our lives because we are humans, whether we like it or not, each of us will hurt each other (aware or not). As what Bob Marley said, you just got to find the ones worth suffering for.

But the sure thing about pain is that it doesn’t last long. It’s temporary. Temporary for the simple reason that everything heals. Everything will heal and all things takes time. You’re currently hurting right now but it doesn’t mean that it will stay there forever. Yes, maybe, it will leave a mark, a scar that will give you enough reason to give up in love, in life, in everything. But, mind you, if you look life in a different perspective, you will see silverlining in every pain you will experience. It will not just make you strong but when you experienced, feel deeply, appreciate every pain in your heart, you will realise how much you have grown as a person. You become an elastic band, you develop resilience towards life. You have that new found understanding about life that not all things you’ve planned goes along your way. And you have to be more patient and forgiving about it, to yourself and others because that’s the only thing you can learn about life. 

Let me share to you one of my favourite line from my favourite movie A Walk to Remember, “without suffering there will be no compassion”. Suffering is expected, a part of being a human being, but what you get from suffering, ‘compassion’ is something incredible. You developed compassion towards other people because you feel the pain they’re experiencing (because it already happened to you). It grows in you and comes naturally to you. 

So I repeat, whatever pain you’re experiencing right now, always remember that everything heals. And always carry with you the lesson you learned from that, and that will make your life from ordinary to naturally extraordinary because you choose your life. You choose to let pain change you, for the better. 🌿

P.S.: While writing this, I’m not currently hurting inside. It’s just that the idea just pop in my mind and I feel the urge to write this. 


Everyone has ‘baggage’

Growing old, understanding human nature and behaviours. I’ve come to the realization that everyone experienced this. Come to think of it, everyday we are figuring ourselves, we are losing ourselves sometimes because as we all know, life is pretty much not perfect. We will experienced failures, disappointments, discouragement that we start to develop these different sort of ‘baggage’. Life is indeed a ‘Great, Extraordinary Unknown.’


It will not always be the same but everyone has that. Every person became who they are right now because of the things they’ve experienced before and I think it is one of the greatest wonders of being human. You can’t really grasp the intentions and what’s inside the heart and mind that’s why sometimes a person judge another person base on how he/she perceive him/her.

And the good thing there is, we can always be kind, we can always be gentle with people. There are those who really are strong in nature that we thought, this person is really tough, but deep inside we didn’t know that he/she is already hurting. We didn’t know what the person is going through. Someone is suffering from depression, we may not know it. Someone had just lost a loved one, we may not know it. Someone experienced their first heartbreak, we may not know it. Someone may think they’ve been taken for granted and feel unloved, we may not know it.

So it’s not that hard to show kindness to people because everybody deserves to be treated the way they would feel loved. The way they should really be treated. When we realized that each one of us has ‘baggage’ and assume that all of us grows in different ways, in that little way, we put something beautiful in the world. Not only we make someone feel better, we also help ourselves to be more compassionate, more loving and the byproduct? We ourselves become the better person.

And then we grow. Then we are able to face difficult and unpredictable storms in life. We become resilient. We beautify the world.

Isn’t it beautiful? Kindness and understanding goes a long way. So never underestimate it. 🙂

2am Thoughts

So here goes this feeling again. I don’t know how it all started but it’s always hard for me to find happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a joyful person on the outside but deep inside there’s emptiness, there’s an undeniable sadness. And I don’t know what to do with it sometimes. I guess I’m just sad over many things that makes me such a stubborn person, I admit it. 

Well, I guess I always want to find something that can make me happy, permanently happy. You know when someone ask another person what is there goal in life and they would answer back things like, I want to have a successful career, a loving family, or a pretty and comfortable home. Back when I was little I want to be rich for the reason that I want to help people and to have a wide range of land that I’ll be able to put up my own garden full of flowers and fruits (weird again I know) But I guess I don’t intend to be one. So when someone ask me what would be mine, I would automatically say ‘genuine happiness’. That’s my ultimate goal in life (Yes I know I’m such a weird idealist.) Because you can have a successful career or beautiful material things but I think it all goes to one point – if ever you’re genuinely happy. Not because you have these things, but YOU are happy, with yourself, within yourself. As I’m getting older every year, it’s a big question mark for me that I still didn’t get the answer to that curiosity of mine. As I also look back in the past, I always have set of questions, not that I’m the smart one, but I guess I observe life more than I live it. That boils to the point that I’m such an idealist. And sometimes I don’t know if that is a positive trait or not. 

But as I’ve said in my previous blog posts, I’m currently under construction on finding my own kind of happiness. I want to embrace the sadness, the pain of being wonderfully lost that someday I will be miraculously found. I don’t know how and when but I know that day would just come, without me knowing, without me noticing. I want to trust this whole life process and embrace what life would give and throw to me. 

But right now, I want to be gentle with myself. I want to discover and get to know myself more, my strength, my weaknesses. Grow and glow. 

‘Cause right now I’m just a garden full of wildflowers but someday, I’ll build my own garden full of roses, sunflowers, lilies and tulips. In short, when I already found my genuine happiness.

I just hope that one day, I’ll wake up feeling energize and ecstatic. That the first thing that I would think of is, ‘oh it’s another beautiful day!’ instead of ‘Urgh, it’s morning again’ feels.  

And that feeling when I will never force myself for being happy, ’cause I already am.  

P.S.: Playing Rascal Flatts’ My Wish while writing this. And it just feels good.