Everything heals.

Every cells in our body are design to help us heal, for us to recover from whatever wound or pain we are experiencing right now and will be experiencing in the near future. The white blood cells, one of the most vital composition of blood, are like soldiers who are always on the go when infection or open wound happens. They’re called the first line of defense. Just a little bit of science, lol. Well, I just realized in that little chemistry how important we are to God because he’ll do whatever it takes for us to get away from whatever pain we are experiencing. And I still don’t get it up to now why people still blame God when something bad happens to them. Especially if it’s beyond their control. Nevertheless, it feels good to know that there’s God who’s ready enough to accept our flaws and who will always ready enough to heal us. Everytime. I repeat, everytime and everyday. It’s a secured assurance that he’ll literally catch us everytime we fall. I always love the idea of that. 

What I want to point out is that all of us will experience pain. Every sort of pain. Physically, emotionally, mentally. We’ll go through all that phases of our lives because we are humans, whether we like it or not, each of us will hurt each other (aware or not). As what Bob Marley said, you just got to find the ones worth suffering for.

But the sure thing about pain is that it doesn’t last long. It’s temporary. Temporary for the simple reason that everything heals. Everything will heal and all things takes time. You’re currently hurting right now but it doesn’t mean that it will stay there forever. Yes, maybe, it will leave a mark, a scar that will give you enough reason to give up in love, in life, in everything. But, mind you, if you look life in a different perspective, you will see silverlining in every pain you will experience. It will not just make you strong but when you experienced, feel deeply, appreciate every pain in your heart, you will realise how much you have grown as a person. You become an elastic band, you develop resilience towards life. You have that new found understanding about life that not all things you’ve planned goes along your way. And you have to be more patient and forgiving about it, to yourself and others because that’s the only thing you can learn about life. 

Let me share to you one of my favourite line from my favourite movie A Walk to Remember, “without suffering there will be no compassion”. Suffering is expected, a part of being a human being, but what you get from suffering, ‘compassion’ is something incredible. You developed compassion towards other people because you feel the pain they’re experiencing (because it already happened to you). It grows in you and comes naturally to you. 

So I repeat, whatever pain you’re experiencing right now, always remember that everything heals. And always carry with you the lesson you learned from that, and that will make your life from ordinary to naturally extraordinary because you choose your life. You choose to let pain change you, for the better. 🌿

P.S.: While writing this, I’m not currently hurting inside. It’s just that the idea just pop in my mind and I feel the urge to write this. 


“Not everyone has a heart like yours.”

I heard/seen this quote more often nowadays.


I kind of get this right now. Before, I always question myself why humans act in such a way that conform to them, base on how they would respond with the way they’re being treated by others. And it always saddens me that there are people who just love the idea of taking advantage of kind souls.

And you’re blessed enough if you encounter people who are naturally kindhearted.

But, I also accepted the idea that not everyone in this whole white world (or I mean in this technicolor world) will have a heart like mine. Not that I say I am 100% kind-ish person but I like the idea of treating others fairly, the exact words are, ‘gusto kong ipafeel that there’s someone out there na kusangloob na tumulong, na magbigay pansin. Kasi madalas, masyado tayong nakafocus sa sarili nating mundo na nakakalimutan nating may mga tao na pala tayo nasasaktan.’ I don’t want to be that person. Never. As in.

And then there’s that saying that if you’re good to me, I will treat you right. If you done anything bad to me, I will also do something bad to you. In short, revenge. I really hate that concept. I know, it’s their pride telling them that they’ve been hurt or treated bad that’s why they would also do something to hurt that person back. I think it is immature and at the same time it’s plain selfishness because it will just worsen the situation. That’s when I also realised that friendship, may it be long or short term, will automatically crashed/broken when pride is highlighted and compromising is not even considered. Love is no longer there.

And I just want to continue what I have started. Wow, akala mo naman kung anong sinimulan ni Ateng. But seriously, if there’s only one thing I want me to be remembered by people, is how much I’ve made an impact in their lives. I like the idea of it. That they remember me because I am kind and because of me they become a better person, not because I am pretty (I know I’m not, this one is just completely joke) or because I have a good job (again, this is not true and this is just example). In short, I don’t want to be remember as someone superficial. I always want to be remember as someone who has heart on everything. Big or small.

So here are my little bits of realization about this topic:

Not everyone will get along with you and it’s okay. Not everyone will get your personality because it is accepted only by few. Not everyone will understand that helping others makes you feel good about yourself, so continue doing so. Not everyone will have a heart ready to listen to people’s stories, continue still. Not everyone will be like you and if you ever find souls that completely jinks with your attitude and personality, keep them because they’re so rare like diamonds. Hard to find but last forever.

And lastly, continue to infect others with your beautiful soul, you may never know who you’re inspiring.

I will leave you with this quote by John Green, “I will get forgotten, but the stories will last. And so we all matter—maybe less than a lot, but always more than none.”



I used to hate sunsets back then for the simple reason that it has orange in it. It’s like when the sky turns orange, it seems like there will be some catastrophic event that will happen pretty soon that will swallow the whole earth (including us humans) and that scares me, always. And also orange is one of my least favorite color (though as of now I am still figuring out what my favorite color is, lol)
Anyways, as I grow older, I became more aware of how beautiful sunset is. For lovers, it is forseen as such a romantic scenery (it really does actually, whatever part of the world you’re in). For loners, it is seen as a perfect place to contemplate about what really matters in life and life’s little, overlook blessings. For aspiring photographers, it is seen as an opportunity for them to take good photos and for an aesthetic instagram feed. Feed goals, millenial thing. 

But for me now, I look at sunsets now in a deeper and personal level. When I look at the sunsets now, it reminded me how simple it is to be happy. I mean, when you look at the sunset, you instantly smile right? For no reason at all. You just admire it’s beauty just by staring at it. Just that few minutes of it, hues of pink, orange and magentas will cover the great big sky reminding us how strangely beautiful life is and at the same time very grateful to God for creating such picturesque view. Everyday, imagine how great His love to us, He can choose black or white but then He doesn’t want anything ordinary so He meticulously choosed colors that will appeal to our eyes. That’s where the mixture of different colors takes in. I realized now where art originated, of course He himself created it and the result is nothing but perfection. I am actually kind of emotional whenever I look at sunsets, it’s a mixture of nostalgia, euphoria and melancholy. I know, it sounds like I am suffering from bipolar disorder but no, I’m not. Mind you, I’m really an emotional type of person and I admit that my personality is not for everybody and I kind of accepted that idea. And, I guess I am getting far away from the topic. So going back…
Sunsets teaches us a lot of lessons. That at the end of the day, it will give hope to the lonesome souls who crave nothing but happiness, a contented type of happiness. That although our day may not turn out to be extraordinary, sunsets are simple reminder that everything can end beautifully.

That it is not actually a sad day after all, nor a sad story. It is a beautiful day, only if we foreseen it that way. 

I used to hate sunsets, now it’s what I look forward to at the end of the day. Everyday.

You know what I realized? 

That life’s a strangely beautiful sunset and we have to seize every oppurtunity to make it more beautiful. To appreciate it more. 🌱


Timeless things
They captured everything
From the innocence of childhood
To the joyfulness of youth.
What’s good about this is
will give you countless ideas
Of a moment
Otherwise gone and forgotten
It will bring you back at that exact moment
Of happiness and of sadness
Even a person with Alzheimer’s
Will surely remember.
I love photographs
They contain unscripted smiles
And contagious laughters
Of childhood I miss
Of people I want to reconnect with
Of places I want to visit again
Of moments I know will not happen again.
So everytime something
Captured my eyes,
I grab my phone and snap it
Right away, anywhere.
It’s like my mind tells me that
‘Go, because it may not happen again!’
That’s the story
Why I’m a person addicted to photographs,
Mind you, it’s not selfies.
But memories that will surely stay
As long as I could remember.


Genuinely happy

So today’s my day off and I got to spend it so much with my workmates. I’m happy that we enjoyed each other’s company already and it’s safe to say that we are comfortable being goofy and weird together. Which is really a good thing. We ate so much food and then take weird selfies and just laugh and laugh until our stomach hurts. I miss those kinds of laughs because they’re so authentic and natural that being weird is not a bad thing, that’s why I’m thankful that I got to laugh again, the truest one. 

I’m happy in this present moment knowing that I’ve already adjusted in the place where I am currently working. Though there are restrictions but still, happiness is just a state of mind. And I choose to be positive and hopeful each day (though it’s not always that easy). I actually can’t believe that I’ll survive this whole journey because I’m such an emotional person and being away from home is really a huge struggle for me. I remembered crying and crying (I think it’s the worst cry I had in my life) at the van with my parents, knowing I will not get to see them for two years. My mother just hold my hand while my father is telling me what to expect while working abroad (though I know deep inside he really does want to console me, knowing he also worked on the place I’ll be going). And now after 5 and a half months, I’m here, happy, learning a new language, I have a job, I get to support my family financially,  I’ve met a lot of beautiful souls. I think I am more than blessed knowing that I have these things. I will be bringing these wonderful experiences when I am coming home, which will just happen. So there’s no need to worry. 

I am also happy that one of my closest friend is getting married. Knowing she waited patiently for her definition of true love. I just can’t contain my happiness because she’d been praying this throughout the years and finally, she already found hers. I’m just sad that I can’t attend her wedding but I’m happy that she said to me, “I hope you’re here on my wedding (she wants me to be one of her bridesmaids) because you’re so close to my heart.” Which melts my heart away. Then memories just flashback, the food trips, her being my partner always in ministry, the sleepovers, the movie marathons, and the conversations.  And then I remember all and I just felt nostalgic at that moment. A beautiful kind of nostalgia. I admit I overused that word already but I don’t know, for me as I get older, I always find myself looking back to all the memories that had been built in my mind. That’s where almost of my happiness came from actually.

So basically my next blog post is all about being ‘Nostalgic’. I’m excited because it is mostly associated with my childhood.  

Songs I’m playing while writing this: The Beatles’ In My Life and Passenger’s Beautiful Birds.

Thanks for patiently reading this not so important post. 😛