Old Soul

They think you’re odd

You’re weird and old

 But when you heard these things

It makes your heart gold.

You have yearning

For people, stories untold

Cities that are old

Beautiful as they told

Waiting for you 

To experience it all.

You simply dont want

Extravagant things and all

Just conversations 

Good food, The Beatles

Which never grows old

Simply because 

It’s what you wish for. 

People demand so much

But if you met an old soul,

They will remind you

To appreciate things

People tend to forget.

Fascinated with history

Their mind is beautiful as their soul

That will never cease to believe

That beautiful things

Happens to hopeful and selfless souls. 

*Credits to Tumblr for the photo. 

I Dream of You if I Could Fall Asleep

I would pretend
That you exist

In some place

In some distance space

I will try to find you

On crowded places

And pretend to eat

But I’m actually looking for you

Wait for me,

Wait for me when I’m free

Wait for me when I could see

The things that ignites me 

Am I late, am I running late?

Are you already in some place

Where love is as real as you are to me? 

Hope is not true and I hope I can compliment you

I found a new song

Now my favorite 

The title is ‘If Only I’

And it says there ‘I dream of you if I could fall asleep’

I’m such an idealist

And one thing I like about it

Is I could think of all the things

I unapologetically like about you

Though I’ve never seen you

But my imagination is filled with my thoughts of you

Is that an acceptable reason

To love you even I didn’t met you yet?

How amazing our universe is

That we could someday meet

And we could share all the things

That made up our mind in the last forgotten years

Please be gentle, please be patient

In the world around you

Don’t forget to fall in love

Not only to people, but to things that makes you. 

Find your happiness

While I find mine

And someday let’s collide that

And makes it an undeniable euphoria

“This is only happening on my mind.” -If Only I, Jon McLaughlin

You Cling

You cling

For things you want. 

For things to be fine

As time want to tell you why. 

You cling, you keep

Things, people, memories

Of how beautiful it is

Savoring all of it

Because of the idea

That you’ll not experience it. 

So we seek

For beautiful things

Then when we meet new people

We would like them to think

That they should be like this,

Which is very selfish

Because is that love?

If you really think

That love should act in such a way

That is not coincide

With someone’s heart?   

Love, such a free spirit

Same as home

It should not be a place

But a feeling

A happy space. 



I can hear

The sound of your laugh

The way you make me feel so right

That I want to hug you tight

I can feel

The love that you give

Everytime I am unable to breath

And you keep me in your grip

I can see

The way your eyes

Lighten up

Over something that gives you life

I can smell

The fragrance you’ll put in

That will remind me

That I am already home

I can hear

The nostalgic and old songs

That will soon be ours

That we will both fall in love with

I can sense

Your vulnerability

Behind your manly feautures

That I can see the whole picture

I can sense again

That pretty soon

We’ll meet

And everything will be infinite

You see

This girl here

Is nothing but a hopeless romantic

And how she hate and love it 

And in this crucial times

I hope you sense that

There’s just one here

Waiting to be seen 

And I will allow

This imagination to last

Until the day

I will say my first hi, not goodbye 
P.S.: I miss you already even though I didn’t met you, yet. 


Grow, they would say

To where you are

To where you want to be

To a place you can be free.

Grow and go to the direction

Where your heart is safe

Where your heart is in her happy place

Where it may rest, where it can be her very best.

Grow, find something

Discover, not everything but anything

That will make the missing pieces

Eventually and gradually whole, finally. 

Grow, make things happen

Don’t just sit there

And think what will happen next

That can someday be your version of happiness.

You see growing

Is not just a one day process

It’s a combination of beautiful and not so good things

That eventually will change your whole being.

Grow, I say once again

But please don’t forget the inner child in you 

That someday you’ll wake up,

Not appreciating even the morning dew.

Grow, that you may learn

To love yourself

To prioritize your goals

Which will eventually bring you endless joy.


Lost in transition
Lost in words
Lost in everything
And in between.

It didn’t ocurred to me
That Saturday is different from Tuesday
For everyday living
Is the same as yesterday.

Can I just go back to where I am
Before consciousness have found me
Childhood that I am always fond of
Memories of happiness is all I can think of.

Watching over the car’s window
I want to put my hands carefree
And feel the breeze
And oh how life past through me.

I don’t know what I want
Wondering where I would go
Will I find my place?
My happy home?

Will I find you?
And would you feel the things that I feel?
And if I did found you
Can I consider you a home?

But I hope the answer to that
Is nothing but a sure ‘yes’
Cause there’s so much uncertainties
In this world full of adversities.