Admiring you from afar

Is what I always do best.

You have so much bravery in you

I think it looks good on you.

Our little conversations

Somehow that strong connection

Will never grow old until now.

Your kindness, great sense of humor

Is what makes you stand with the rest.

It makes you 

The most handsome guy 

in the whole universe.

Thank you for our little conversation

Somehow I have a glimpse 

In your day to day living.

I admire you

And forever will be I guess.

Even if it means

I’m not the one for you

And I know that’s for the best.

I’m writing about you 

And I know you will never see this

But at least, in another time

I will remember how you made me feel. 

Random poem for a not-so-random guy.  🌱


The Light that Never Fades

Sometimes it may seem dull

That you can’t find your light

Your shining star

But when you look from above

Who made the stars

The heavens, the constellations 

You will see His light

Sparkling so bright.

Sometimes you feel lost

That all you could think of is your loss

But when you close your eyes

And speaks to Him with all your soul

You will find comfort you long

Which makes you feel grand and humble.

That’s the time

When you wouldn’t feel all alone

Cause He alone is enough

To supplement your thirsty soul.


– Isaiah 41:10 

‘Pag Nakilala Kita

Sana ‘pag nakilala kita,

Kilala ko na sarili ko

Alam ko na kung ano ang gusto ko

Para sigurado na ko sa’yo.

Sana pag nakilala kita,

Mas maging pasensyuso ka pa sana

Sapagkat napakahirap

Pakitunguhan ang isang tulad ko.

Sana pag nakilala kita,

Maintindahan mo sanang duguan tong pusong to,

Alam kong nakakatawa ito,

Sapagkat ‘di pa ako nakaranas masaktan ng todo todo.

Pero sana maintindihan mo pa rin ako.

Sana ‘pag nakilala kita,

Malaman mong handang handa na ko

Mahalin ang tulad mo

At maging parte ng makulay mong mundo.

… Pag nakilala kita,

Alam kong hindi na puro ‘ako’,

Kaya kahit hindi man ganun kakulay ang mundo mo,

Gaya ng inaasahan ko,

Hayaan mong tanggapin ko itong lahat

Tulad ng pagtanggap mo sakin ng buong-buo.
– Jannin. 🌿

I Will Write

I will write only beautiful things
I will write anything that inspires me,
I will write a life I always want to be,
I will write with the eagerness that everything will be alright
I will write in such a way everyone around me will inspire
I will write with all my heart
I will write and wash away all the pain in my heart,
I will write things that makes me feel alive
I will write that there will never be room for regret in my heart
I will write and fill my life with beautiful symphony and melody

I will write until there’s no more space for anything bad in my heart.


Timeless things
They captured everything
From the innocence of childhood
To the joyfulness of youth.
What’s good about this is
will give you countless ideas
Of a moment
Otherwise gone and forgotten
It will bring you back at that exact moment
Of happiness and of sadness
Even a person with Alzheimer’s
Will surely remember.
I love photographs
They contain unscripted smiles
And contagious laughters
Of childhood I miss
Of people I want to reconnect with
Of places I want to visit again
Of moments I know will not happen again.
So everytime something
Captured my eyes,
I grab my phone and snap it
Right away, anywhere.
It’s like my mind tells me that
‘Go, because it may not happen again!’
That’s the story
Why I’m a person addicted to photographs,
Mind you, it’s not selfies.
But memories that will surely stay
As long as I could remember.



She has her books

And everything that blooms

She loves music

Only few can figure out

She has an undeniable sadness

And unconventional madness

But she is art herself

She loves anything

Others think may regard as nothing

So she created her own world

Where everything there is hopeful

It’s not a place nor a home

It’s unconventional thoughts

Perhaps 100s or thousand of those

And she want to turn it

To something that glows

She doesn’t know how and when

But all she knows is she will


Even if she is unconventional

In other words, a weird being.